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Waterpod™Mira Hunter's Photographic Waterpod™ Construction Journal >>

Waterpod™ was conceived as a showcase for grassroots attainable sustainable technology through a cross-disciplinary artistic lens. It is a floating sculptural structure constructed from repurposed materials, that will travel the New York waterways in the summer of 2009 and act as a home for a small number of visual artists. As one of the resident artists l will be focused on the restriction and transformation of personal waste, the creation of collaborative innovative projects and ideas, the active caretaking of the nourishing onboard eco-system, and will be documenting my trials, successes and explorations to share with the public sphere.

As tangible evidence of the ensuing global warming epoch becomes visible in our daily lives, it is up to us to examine our habits and look for innovative ways to creatively tackle tomorrow's pressing environmental challenges. Waterpod™ is an accessible self-reliant eco-habitat, exhibition and living space, constructed with the advancing sea levels in mind.

The number of New York City families officially designated as 'homeless' has risen from 5,192 in 2000 to 9,720 in 2008, imagine how this number will expand as more land is lost to the rising tides. This new era will be defined by climate refugees, and Waterpod™ will be an available open source manual of creative solutions and a platform for dialogue.

I am a visual artist and an environmentalist. I am one of the primary conceptional artists involved in the imagining of Waterpod™. For me, Waterpod™ is not just an architectural study, or an environmental experiment or an art installation, it is an exploration into an idea of a shared future condition.

I believe Waterpod™ is a place and an idea, it is a warning and a foundation for magic.
-Mira Hunter.






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