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Archipelagos is a research component to the Waterpod™ Project that encourages the exchange of ideas in order to examine and raise relevant issues.

At least since the early sixties, ecological questions have been employed as a productive conceptual locus for artmaking. How does this legacy continue in today’s context and what is its relation to the future? How do ecology and art accommodate each other? To put it simply, ecology is the study of balance, of the shifting equilibrium of physical processes and networks in a finite system. Artworks employ the endless order of the imagination and often seek to displace an existing equilibrium, in order to question, provoke, or stimulate new ways of seeing and conceiving. What is the relationship of these two realms of knowledge?  

What is the nature of the visionary in relation to artistic production? Like in science fiction, where speculative scenarios tell us more about the present than the future, what are the everyday consequences of an inventive and far-sighted perspective? Especially now, at this fragile historical moment, can art pretend to address a ‘greater good’? While utopic notions have been consistently discredited for many years, how does art inhabit the allegorical, and how do these networks of invisible immanence manifest in the world? Is it finally time to abandon grand schemes? Or are we in desperate need of them?     

In the words of Peter Fend: “Art, as a probe into the future modalities of knowing and display, and into future possible arranging of space for living, and into future standards of wealth and value, therefore of investment and accumulation, is critical to evolution.”  

This assemblage of related links seeks to create a network of information concerning topics such as alternative living modules (especially in relation to a changing climate), collaborative processes, the interactions of body, home, and community etc., along with all the parallel personal narratives towards the anticipation of a common present.

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